Currently Funded Projects

Regulation of uterine smooth muscle excitability (Role PI)
Funded by: NIH/ NICHD
Project Start Date: 2014
Project End Date: 2019

The influence of chronodisruption on risk of preterm birth (Role PI)
Funded by: March of Dimes (Preterm Birth Transdisciplinary Research Center)
Project Start Date:  2014
Project End Date:  2019

Identification and Regulation of the Myometrial Leak Current  (Role Sponsor)
Funded by: NIH
Project Start Date: 2014
Project End Date: 2017

Leak currents and pre-term birth  (Role PI)
Funded by: March of Dimes (Prematurity Initiative FY-15-147
Project Start Date: 2015
Project End Date: 2018

A novel molecular mechanism for stimulating uterine contractility by oxytocin  (Role PI with Celia Santi)
Funded by: NIH
Project Start Date: 2016
Project End Date: 2021

Training in the Reproductive Sciences  (Role PI)
Funded by: NIH
Project Start Date: Pending

Previously Funded Projects

Mechanisms underlying myometrial smooth muscle relaxation during pregnancy (Role PI)
Funded by: March of Dimes (Prematurity Initiative)
Project Start Date: 2012
Project End Date: 2015

Novel Mechanisms of Oxytocin Action (Role PI)
Funded by: NIH/ NICHD
Project Start Date: 2013
Project End Date: 2015